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Coconut Oil RBD Standart

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Indonesia Coconut Oil RBD Standard For Sale

RBD stands for Refine (purification), Bleach (bleach), Deodorize (removal of odors). The RBD process is needed because this type of coconut oil is obtained from squeezing copra (dried coconut) which is usually charred and rancid with a high content of free fatty acids.

From squeezing copra at high temperatures, crude coconut oil is obtained which is further purified through the RBD process so that it can be used as cooking oil. As a result of this RBD process, RBD coconut oil looks clear and bright in color, but the coconut aroma is almost imperceptible.

Utilization of coconut oil as fuel

Coconut oil can be used directly as fuel like diesel. Coconut oil has a viscosity of 50-60 centi stokes, while diesel fuel is 5 centi stokes. At temperatures between 80-90 degrees Celsius, coconut oil has a viscosity equivalent to diesel. One of the innovations developed by the Agricultural Engineering Department of IPB is by using the exhaust temperature to change the viscosity of coconut oil to make it the same as diesel. The exhaust gas has a temperature of 350-360 degrees Celsius, so a cooling coil is needed to lower the exhaust temperature. Then coconut oil through a hose is flowed through the exhaust before heading to the diesel engine combustion chamber.

The coconut oil used is coconut oil that has gone through a heating process to remove free fatty acids